The Band

Years are determined to tell the truth. Pop music doesn’t have to suck and it doesn’t have to be neutered. Years’ melodies are both catchy and hard-hitting and their lyrics are honest. Formed in 2008, Years have evolved into the tight quartet of brothers who, when not making music and playing shows, can be found eating chili and talking about the weather. Tory plays drums and votes libertarian. Adam plays bass guitar and writes the code. Duane plays guitar and maintains the equilibrium. And Jordan sings, plays guitar and tells most of the stories.

The Album

After four years, a few lineup changes, hundreds of live shows and countless hours locked in a musty basement, Years have emerged with an album that well represents their journey and their stories. “It Can Kill” is a ten-track opus on the coming of age - still uncertain of whether life and love destroy us or heal us. The album begins in angst and continues on a path toward acceptance. Not relinquishment to a hopeless reality but embracing a life that fulfills us.

The Show

Years’ live show is unmatched among independent bands. They bring ferocious energy matched by a meticulously crafted performance - a polished, dynamic congruence among all four members. One thing is clear: they believe in the songs they play and they have a message to deliver.


Jordan Banks
Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Duane Chew
Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Adam Jahn
Bass Guitar, Keys, Vibes
Tory Kirgiss
Drums, Keys, Glockenspiel, Vocals


  • Finalist in WGN's 2012 Breakthrough Band Contest - performed on WGN-TV's national television broadcast.

  • "It Can Kill has excellent sound quality. There is a bit of rawness in there to appease those who like volume and the songs’ structures offer little fat. In every part, there is something interesting going on, a little keyboard fill here or a guitar part kicked into overdrive there."
  • Tim Brouk, Lafayette Journal & Courier

  • "Stay Inside is a striking pop track which bears strange feelings of nostalgia for the familiar and unfamiliar, while still showing the dizziness of the past, present, and future. Even at the third track position on the album, the single acts as somewhat of a beginning, a climax, and a resolution to It Can Kill."
  • Jeff Mather, The Noise Is...

  • "It's excellent pop music. Their album is well produced with a diverse line-up of songs that work well together."
  • Manny Cervantes, Great Lafayette


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